Thai Yoga massage


Traditional Thai yoga massage was established around 2,500 years ago and was practised in the royal houses of Asia. It was spread via Thailand’s Buddhist monasteries and handed down by masters to their pupils over the centuries. Thai yoga massage is a deep, effective bodywork for relieving energy and muscular blockages, for activating the powers of self-healing and for deep relaxation. The classic whole-body massage applies gentle, consistent pressure with stretching and dynamic flowing movement to energy lines known as ‘Sen’.

Centuries-old movements, attentiveness and intuition

On a deeper level, Thai yoga massage is meditation. Feeling and receiving the other, listening to what the body needs and providing the room for self-healing and regeneration. It’s not about a fixed massage programme – it is much more about listening and following, applying gentle pressure stretching and rhythmical movement where it is needed. Attentiveness, respect and love are fundamental aspects of Thai yoga massage which, through appropriately performed patterns of movement, meld into a flowing entity. Thai yoga massage is a healing touch for body and soul.

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Manuela Hörmann

Manuela Hörmann has a comprehensive education in Bodywork which ranges from Shiatsu and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage to Thai Yoga Massage, Osteothai Massage und Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She combines different elements and creates an holistic and individual session for the personal wellbeing of her clients.


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